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How does HIV spread? HIV is spread through certain body fluids from a person who has HIV. This can happen: By having unprotected vaginal or anal sex with a person who has HIV. "Unprotected" means not using condoms or medicine to treat or prevent HIV. Thi

What is AIDS? AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. It is the final stage of infection with HIV. It happens when the body's immune system is badly damaged because of the virus. Not everyone with HIV develops AIDS. How does HIV spread? HIV i

What is HIV? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. HIV harms your immune system by destroying a type of white blood cell that helps your body fight infection. This puts you at risk for other infections and diseases.

Speak to your local sexual health clinic or a GP for further advice about the best way to reduce your risk. For people with HIV, if you have been taking effective HIV treatment and your viral load has been undetectable for 6 months or more, it means you

Anyone who has sex without a condom or shares needles is at risk of HIV infection. There are many effective ways to prevent or reduce the risk of HIV infection, including: using a condom for sex post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) pre-exposure prophylaxis (

You're living with HIV, taking effective HIV treatment and being undetectable significantly reduces your risk of passing HIV on to others. You'll also be encouraged to: take regular exercise eat a healthy diet stop smoking have yearly flu jabs to minimi

Most people with HIV take a combination of medicines. It's vital these are taken every day as recommended by your doctor. The goal of HIV treatment is to have an undetectable viral load. This means the level of HIV virus in your body is low enough to not

Antiretroviral medicines are used to treat HIV. They work by stopping the virus replicating in the body, allowing the immune system to repair itself and preventing further damage. These come in the form of tablets, which need to be taken every day. HIV

Clinics may offer a finger prick blood test, which can give you a result in minutes, but it may take up to a few days to get the results of a more detailed HIV test home testing or home sampling kits are available to buy online or from pharmacies – depend

Both positive and negative HIV tests may need to be repeated 1 to 3 months after potential exposure to HIV infection (this is known as the window period), but you should not wait this long to seek help: clinics may offer a finger prick blood test, which

Emergency anti-HIV medicine called post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) may stop you becoming infected if started within 72 hours of possible exposure to the virus – it's recommended that you start it as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours an early diagn

Seek medical advice as soon as possible if you think you might have been exposed to HIV. You can get tested in a number of places, including at a GP surgery, sexual health clinics and clinics run by charities. Find HIV testing services near you The onl

The chance of getting HIV through oral sex is very low and will be dependent on many things, such as whether you receive or give oral sex and the oral hygiene of the person giving the oral sex. Diagnosing HIV Seek medical advice as soon as possible if yo

HIV is found in the body fluids of an infected person. This includes semen, vaginal and anal fluids, blood and breast milk. It's a fragile virus and does not survive outside the body for long. HIV cannot be transmitted through sweat, urine or saliva. T

After these symptoms disappear, HIV may not cause any symptoms for many years, although the virus continues to damage your immune system. This means many people with HIV do not know they're infected. Anyone who thinks they could have HIV should get test

While AIDS cannot be transmitted from 1 person to another, the HIV virus can. There's currently no cure for HIV, but there are very effective drug treatments that enable most people with the virus to live a long and healthy life. With an early diagnosi

(human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that damages the cells in your immune system and weakens your ability to fight everyday infections and disease. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the name used to describe a number of potentially life

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The website will be closed due to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the death of millions66

The website will be closed due to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the death of millions44

The website will be closed due to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the death of millions11

The website will be closed due to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the death of millions


This stage can last for many years for people who aren't getting antiretroviral therapy, also called ART. Some people get more-severe disease much sooner. Symptomatic HIV infection As the virus continues to multiply and destroy immune cells, you may get

These symptoms can be so mild that you might not notice them. However, the amount of virus in your bloodstream, called viral load, is high at this time. As a result, the infection spreads to others more easily during primary infection than during the next

Some people infected by HIV get a flu-like illness within 2 to 4 weeks after the virus enters the body. This stage may last a few days to several weeks. Some people have no symptoms during this stage. Possible symptoms include:








There's no cure for HIV/AIDS. But medicines can control the infection and keep the disease from getting worse. Antiviral treatments for HIV have reduced AIDS deaths around the world. There's an ongoing effort to make ways to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS mor

HIV is spread through contact with genitals, such as during sex without a condom. This type of infection is called a sexually transmitted infection, also called an STI. HIV also is spread through contact with blood, such as when people share needles or sy

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), is an ongoing, also called chronic, condition. It's caused by the human immunodeficiency virus, also called HIV. HIV damages the immune system so that the body is less able to fight infection and disease. If HIV

The latest HIV research findings will be presented at the 2024 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) March 3-6. Follow on social media for live interviews with federal HIV experts and others discussing the latest advances

To find organizations that offer HIV self-test kits near you. (Contact the organization for eligibility requirements.) Note: State laws regarding self-testing vary and may limit availability. Check with a health care provider or health departmentExit Dis

Allows people to take an HIV test and find out their result in their own home or other private location. With an HIV self-test, you can get your test results within 20 minutes. You can buy an HIV self-test kit at a pharmacy or online. Some health departme

The only way to know for sure if you have HIV is to get tested. Testing is relatively simple. You can ask your health care provider for an HIV test. Many medical clinics, substance abuse programs, community health centers, and hospitals offer them too. If

The number of their CD4 cells falls below 200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood (200 cells/mm3). (In someone with a healthy immune system, CD4 counts are between 500 and 1,600 cells/mm3.) OR they develop one or more opportunistic infections regardless o

In addition, there are effective methods to prevent getting HIV through sex or drug use, including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), medicine people at risk for HIV take to prevent getting HIV from sex or injection drug use, and post-exposure prophylaxis (

The human body can’t get rid of HIV and no effective HIV cure exists. So, once you have HIV, you have it for life. Luckily, however, effective treatment with HIV medicine (called antiretroviral therapy or ART) is available. If taken as prescribed, HIV med

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks cells that help the body fight infection, making a person more vulnerable to other infections and diseases. It is spread by contact with certain bodily fluids of a person with HIV, most commonly d

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